The Towns

The Towns - Love Coming Home

This is a complete branding project for Amacon, one of the largest residential and commercial developers in Canada. Amacon presented the challenge to Engine Advertising Inc. to come up with a story and brand behind their newest residential development in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. This new residential area located in the heart of the city, Parkside Village, would feature several townhome blocks and after a few discovery sessions with the team at Engine Advertising Inc. ‘The Towns at Parkside Village’ (or simply, The Towns) was born. The idea behind ‘The Towns’ was that new home owners would be located in the center of the city and be surrounded by everything they needed. The team decided to go with the tagline ‘Love Coming Home.’ and wanted to put emphasis on the ‘Live, Cook, Relax’ flow that was carried through these townhomes.

Creative Direction / Branding / Print & Web Design / Photography by Lee Gargano
This project was created for the client through¬†Engine Advertising Inc.¬†and I’m only showcasing my involvement.

The Towns at Parkside Village LIVE COOK RELAX

Pre-Registration Website

Part of this project was to develop a website that would allow people interested in purchasing a home pre-register and get their names on a list. The people on this list would have an exclusive buying opportunity the day the homes would go on sale, before the general public. The website would feature a large impactful cover image on load, an extremely easy to use menu, the registration form itself (which unfortunately required a lot of fields at the request of the client), and subtle bits of information to tease into the features of these brand new townhomes.

The Towns Pre-Register Website The Towns Pre-Register Website The Towns Pre-Register Website The Towns Pre-Register Website

Large Outdoor Signage

Along with sending out email blasts to the client’s database, the client had a fairly large piece of land outside the Sales Centre to prop up a sign to let any passerby know about the new community coming to their city. This was a way to drive traffic to the pre-registration site. Engine Advertising Inc. took a unique approach to the sign by layering the assets such as the rendering, the logo and tagline.

The Towns Outdoor Signage The Towns Outdoor Signage

Ten Great Places Around Town (Amenities Map Display)

One of the walls within the Sales Centre was dedicated to showing that this new community was literally located in the center of the city. This amenities map would highlight 10 great reasons you would want to live in the area and the map would show you where in proximity to ‘The Towns’ these 10 hot-spots were located. We used acrylic lettering to bring out the title of this display board so guests of the Sales Centre knew exactly what they were looking at.

The Towns 10 Great Places Around Town The Towns 10 Great Places Around Town Display Boards

Naming the Models

My suggested plan for naming the 4 model types was centered around the ‘Love Coming Home’ tagline and life at the center of Mississauga. Keeping with this theme I suggested to name the 4 models ‘Morning’, ‘Afternoon’, ‘Evening’, and ‘Night’ – I thought this was an original idea and a good way to tie into your day-to-day living in the city. The final names for the floor plans end up being ‘TH1′, ‘TH2′, ‘TH3′, and ‘TH4′. The following are the floor plan boards I set up for each model.

The Towns Floorplans TH1 and TH1R The Towns Floorplans TH2 and TH2R The Towns Floorplans TH3 and TH4 The Towns Floorplans Displays

Brochure & Inserts

The brochure to this project incorporated all the necessary components anyone would need to know absolutely everything about ‘The Towns’. The cover is a durable black vinyl material with a black ink screen print. The inner pages are a 100lbs matte finish paper stock and all of this is put together using a Chicago exposed screw binding. The inside back cover has a pocket that contains all the inserts that come with the brochure, things such as floor plans, pricing and feature sheet.

The Towns at Parkside VIllage Brochure The Towns Brochure The Towns Brochure TheTowns Brochure The Towns Brochure The Towns Brochure The Towns Brochure The Towns Brochure The Towns Brochure The Towns Brochure The Towns Floorplan Brochure Inserts The Towns Brochure

Features & Finishes Display

One of the walls in the Sales Centre was dedicated to showing the features and finishes that come with these townhomes. There were two packages available to potential home buyers. Keeping with the theme of this project I had come up with the idea of naming the two packages ‘AM’ and ‘PM’. Had the client stuck with the idea of naming the models as I originally pitched them this would have been an even better tie in to the theme. I was responsible for laying out the samples within a certain amount of dedicated space. Once again we used acrylic lettering to bring out the names of the packages and ‘The Towns’ logo.

The Towns Features and Finishes The Towns Features and Finishes

Renders Display

The last wall in the Sales Centre was used to showcase the render that the client’s 3D artist had come up with. This display included the exterior town block rendering, the rooftop patio rendering and the tagline ‘Love Coming Home.’ in acrylic.

The Towns Renders The Towns Renders


The Towns Model Home The Towns Model Home The Towns Model Home The Towns Model Home The Towns Model Home The Towns Model Home The Towns Model Home

Parkside Village Hanging Banner

Now that the client was incorporating this new community into their Sales Centre Engine Advertising Inc. needed to update the large hanging banner that hung in the foyer. This wasn’t just a simple update by dropping the new ‘The Towns’ logo on the existing banner, I was given the ability to take full advantage and do a completely new design. Myself and the team wanted to capture the attitude and mood that came with living at Parkside Village in Mississauga. This banner was approximately 30 feet tall and 16 feet wide.

Life at Parkside Village in Mississauga Hanging Banner

Sales Centre Web Tool

This was just a quick little tool we put together to help guests and sales agents look up digital copies of floor plans on the Mac computers that were in the Sales Centre.

The Towns Sales Centre Application The Towns Sales Centre Application Screen

This entire project took just over 2 months to complete. Planning started early 2013 but things didn’t get kicked into full gear until mid-June of 2013. The community and project launched at the end of August 2013 and what a wonderful experience this was for me. It’s a project I’m extremely proud of and one of the larger scopes I took on at Engine Advertising Inc. The homes sold quickly and the client was thrilled with the brand we had come up with behind ‘The Towns’. It was something different from the ordinary, and had a modern and simple twist to it which is something that had just started to creep into other residential developments.

The Towns at Parkside Village