Xyience Xenergy

Xyience is the official energy drink of the UFC®. Several campaigns are created at Engine Advertising Inc. throughout the year for Xyience, and these campaigns require in-store POPs at stores like Mac’s Convenience, 7-Eleven, Pioneer and Quickie. These items consist of a case-stackers with header-boards and fridge static clings. The header-boards and clings promote a contest give-away (usually tickets to an upcoming UFC® event and a trip to the hosting city) and inform people on how to enter.

Creative Direction / UI & UX / Graphic & Web Design by Lee Gargano
This project was created for the client through Engine Advertising Inc. and I’m only showcasing my involvement.

Xyience UFC 152 Header Board Xyience UFC 152 Cling

The online contest page was reworked several times, the following design simplified entering the contest by allowing users to use their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts to enter. The steps of the contest also became more fluid and was nowhere near complex as it used to be. I also designed a much better mobile experience, allowing users to easily enter while walking out of the store with the can of Xyience they just purchased.

Xyience UFC 152 Contest Overview Xyience UFC 152 Login Xyience UFC 152 Form
Xyience UFC 152 Mobile AppXyience UFC 152 Mobile AppXyience UFC 152 Mobile App